Level 2: S.T.I.C.

The Sustainable Transformation Insider's Circle | taught by David Sean

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Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced
David Sean
David Sean
Sustainable Transformation Coach

David Sean is an entrepreneur from Independence, Ks. He was a pitcher in college from 2000-2004 when a shoulder injury ended his baseball career. He studied biology and business in college and graduated with a B.S. in business in 2006. In 2010 he created “Stacker Bottle”.

As a physique competitor in July of 2013 David took first place at the Missouri State Bodybuilding Championships in the physique division. David went on the win his pro card in the Kansas City Naturals Classic in September of 2013 and is now an IFPA Professional Physique Competitor.

David is also an online physique coach and creator of the Sustainable Transformation Insiders Circle physique transformation program.

David is a contributing author to PubMed and currently works with clients of all ages, male and female. David has shared panels and interviewed top experts on sports nutrition and exercise science including Dr. Kelly Starrett & Jerry Brainum.

David is a cancer survivor.

Course Curriculum

Flexible Dieting Tool Demo
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Manipulating Carb Timing For Napping
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How To Eat When You’re Not Hungry
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Rest Might be the Most Underutilized Tool You Can Use to Bust a Plateau
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David “You Don’t Get It”
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Infantile Training
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The 4 Hr Body-The title is bad, but what about the content?
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Maintaining Energy And Motivation
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Loving the Process
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Ouch, I Felt a Sting Doing That Movement
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Tell Me What You Think Is Not Important, and I'll Tell You Where Your Bottleneck Is
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How Do You Know If You're Ready For A Refeed
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